Management Coaching

We can also tailor alternative approaches depending on your requirements

Employee Surveys



Assess engagement with simple but effective employee surveys

  • Understand team mood at the outset
  • Check engagement levels regularly

Pulse Engagement Survey

  1. 8 questions which measure engagement.
  2. Easy to set up and fully anonymous
  3. Takes just a few minutes for users complete the survey online
  4. Useful for teams from 8 to 80

Management coaching



One on one management coaching

  • 30 or 60 minute sessions
  • A sounding board for you to call on
  • Pay on use


We can help with

  1. Goal setting using OKR / SMART
  2. How to get real buy in
  3. How to build trust 
  4. How to conduct 1:1s
  5. Managing remote workers

Introduction to OKR



Half day seminar for business or divisional leaders & teams

  • Find out more about OKR
  • Understanding the implementation process
  • Context relevant to your business


  • Decide whether OKR or similar will work for your team 
  • Understand broad concepts of implementation



  1. What are OKRs?
  2. A brief history of OKRs
  3. How to write good OKRs
  4. Creating OKR alignment
  5. The importance of Check Ins
  6. OKR scoring and reviews
  7. Common Pitfalls 
  8. OKR software
  9. OKR examples
  10. Assessing OKRs value for you

OKR Implementation and two cycle support



A coaching program to support OKR implementation

  • Completely tailored to your business, department or organisation.
  • Introductory seminar for key managers
  • Ongoing coaching support to all leaders as required


  • Improved management focus and strategic discipline
  • More engaged and aligned staff
  • A culture of shifting the needle
  • More effective cross functional teams



  1. 4 hour introductory seminar
  2. Up to four 2 hour manager/team leader seminars
  3. Coaching & support for OKR implementation 
  4. Coaching and support for the scoring and resetting process