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Management made easier

Posted on March 23rd, 2018 in Goal Setting, Goal Planning by Marshall

We've launched an app to help  team managers organise and manage their team goals effectively.

Managing teams of people is hard.  You know what your team should be working towards, but somehow people seem to find all sorts of distractions to focus on.  

One of the main purposes of giving each team member clear goals is to provide focus and clarity.  This results in staff who spend more time working on key issues that move the needle.  

But frequently you have to manage a plethora of goals and objectives in different documents and spreadsheets, coming down from above, and related to individuals in your team.  It gets complicated and messy keeping it all straight.  

GoalManager is a simple, intuitive, lightweight, cloud based application that helps team leaders set up, manage and run goals.  GoalManager handles OKR style goals and SMART goals with simplicity and clarity.  Goal Manager also allows you connect aligned goals so everyone can see how their work relates to the overall goals.

Your team can log in, create their own goals for approval, update goal progress and see how the team is progressing.

The product is still in beta testing, so we're offering free trials to users who want to try it out.  Have a look around our site and sign up for a trial!