Management Made Easier

Set goals, check in and review

Engage Your Team

A clear, simple, goal setting process engages and motivates

Set clear short term and long term goals

  • Use the objectives and Key Results (OKR) or SMART goal setting framework

Conduct regular check ins 

  • Have impactful meetings with clear goal alignment and visibility
  • Praise recent progress and decide next steps

Review outcomes

  • Set new goals or carry forward incomplete goals
  • Coach and develop team members

Simple Goal Management Software

A lightweight goal management tool your team will love

  • Fully cloud based, accessibly on mobiles and tablets
  • Goal alignment to make the "why" visible for the each team member
  • Check ins to keep the team focused, engaged and supported 
  • Reports to highlight progress on every goal across your whole team


OKR - A New Performance Management Approach

AlignWork has shown us how to use Goals to cut through the clutter and focus on what's important for managers to achieve. Check ins have kept us aligned and consistently returning to the important deliverables.
Mark Orr, CEO, LCM Environmental
Verve used OKRs in 2017 to help manage our hectic growth. AlignWork is helping us think through how to improve roll out and engagement with our OKRs as we continue to expand our business internationally.
Bryan Tookey, COO, Verve
AlignWork introduced OKR to DeepCrawl and is helping us become radically focused as we begin 2018. We're growing really fast and its vital that our expanding team have clear priorities to focus on each quarter.
Michal Magdziarz, CEO, DeepCrawl

Coaching and Skills Development

Empower and motivate your team

We offer

  • coaching on OKR methodology
  • coaching on SMART goal setting
  • ongoing support for implementation of a goal setting cycle

Contact us for a free introductory consultation. We will only offer coaching if we are convinced it will genuinely benefit you.


Marshall King, Founder, Align.Work

I've led businesses from start-up to £100m+ revenue. Great businesses can ONLY be built with engaged staff who are aligned with the company purpose. Creating this alignment, and relating each individual's contribution to that purpose is the key to high performance