Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

OKR is a goal setting approach which helps clarify goals, align teams, engage staff and drive results.

Many of Silicon Valley's finest companies have adopted OKR as an agile, goal setting framework. OKR delivers complete clarity for all staff on company goals. It drives collaborative and critical thinking on key objectives across all divisions, teams and individuals. It invites regular check ins to support and encourage progress. This leads to a clear sense of purpose with agreed measures of success. Staff are more engaged, motivated and productive. Management has a clearer view on where support is needed. It’s the perfect background to performance enhancing 1:1 coaching discussions.

OKR coaching with Marshall King

I've had over 18 years experience of leading businesses from high growth start-up to £100m+ revenue. I've learned that great businesses can ONLY be built by aligning staff with the company purpose and vision, and by being laser focused on each step to realise that vision. OKR provides a great framework to achieve this.

Ideas are precious, but they are relatively easy, its execution that's everything.
John Doerr, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers
Stressing output is the key to improving productivity, while looking to increase activity can result in just the opposite.
Andy Grove, Founder at Intel

Top managers and companies use OKRs

Thousands of great companies use the OKR goal setting methodology

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AlignWork has shown us how to use OKR to cut through the clutter of daily work and focus on what's important for managers to achieve. With OKR we all align to the organisations’ success and OKR has united us.
Mark Orr, CEO, LCM Environmental
Verve used OKRs in 2017 to help manage our hectic growth. AlignWork is helping us think through how to improve roll out and engagement with our OKRs as we continue to expand our business internationally.
Bryan Tookey, COO, Verve
AlignWork introduced OKR to DeepCrawl and is helping us become radically focused as we begin 2018. We're growing really fast and its vital that our expanding team have clear priorities to focus on each quarter.
Michal Magdziarz, CEO, DeepCrawl

Why use an OKR coach?

A coach for the first few cycles will ensure the OKR process is understood and embedded into the culture.

  • A coach will help build consensus on using OKR
  • They will explain OKR basics to everyone who needs to know in a consistent way
  • They will assist in rolling out whatever process changes are needed to deliver OKR
  • They will help ensure that objectives are well written, and key results are measurable
  • A coach will help you avoids pitfalls in running the first few OKR cycles 
  • They will be available as a sounding board and coach for middle management as they grasp the power and opportunities of OKR
  • They will ensure the OKR framework gets embedded in the culture and management processes
  • They will ensure that OKR benefits are recorded and publicised